Reordering Spices: How It Works


1. We're launching our online store to you, our active subscribers, first. You will only be able to see the link to the shop when you log into your account. 

2. To make a purchase, simply browse and add blends to your cart. Then, check out to pay. Shipping times will depend on how much you order (see #3).

3. If you buy 5 or more packets, we'll ship in a dedicated mailer within 1 week. If you buy 4 or fewer packets, we'll ship with your next monthly subscription.

5. If you buy 4 or fewer packets, please make your purchases by the 10th of the month so it can be shipped with your next monthly subscription box (we will combine everything in 1 envelope). Otherwise, we won't have time to consolidate the one-time order in your upcoming monthly shipment and it will be sent in the the next box after that.

6. Don't see a favorite blend? We're still building the store and inventory. Email us your request to and we'll do our best to get the blend up in the coming weeks.

7. This is a beta test! We're still working out the kinks so we thank you for your patience and especially any feedback. This reorder store is currently limited to active subscribers only. You must be logged in to see the shop. Once you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be able to re-order individual blends until we launch the full store. 

8. We hope to launch a full store in Q2 2019 once we test inventory and shipping features.

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