Sweet Nigella Blend


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Product Description

We developed this proprietary spice blend to deliver layers of classic Turkish flavor to use in a variety of dishes. With a slight peppery note up front from the nigella seed, a mild heat from chili flakes, a lemony-tangy flavor from sumac, and a sweet, warming finish from cinnamon, cardamom, and star anise, Sweet Nigella is a versatile spice blend perfect for making Kofte, using on a dressed salad, or sprinkling on roasted vegetables. We’re confident the Sweet Nigella Blend will transport your menu to Turkey and leave you wanting more. Contains: nigella seed, cumin, pasilla chili, sumac, mustard, red pepper flakes, cinnamon, mace, cardamom, and star anise.

Will ship as an add-on to your next subscription box. Or get a dedicated shipment if you order 5 or more total packets (Free Shipping :)

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