Spanish Saffron


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Product Description

Saffron, one of the world’s most expensive spices, is hand-harvested from stigmas of the flowers of the crocus plant. Each flower only contains three saffron threads. Chefs use saffron to imbue dishes with aroma, color, and flavor complexity. Some people think saffron tastes and smells like honey while others sense floral notes. The industry taste experts liken high-quality saffron to an “earthy-grassy almost bittersweet flavor” with “aroma like hay”. Whatever we individually sense, the flavor is unmistakeable and quite lovely! Contains 0.1 grams (~12-18 threads) 100% pure Spanish "La Mancha" grade premium saffron, which is enough for 1-2 dishes depending on what you're making.

Will ship as an add-on to your next subscription box. Or get a dedicated shipment if you order 5 or more total packets (Free Shipping :)

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